Welcome to Midlands Wing Chun

The Midlands Wing Chun schools are a part of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.

The Midlands schools were founded over over 20 years ago by Master Abid Mahmood (retired).

With Branches in Leicester, Nottingham, Halesowen and more locations, the group is growing steadily.

The Midlands Wing Chun area is now overseen by Master James Sinclair who has been training for more than 45 years.

The Midlands Wing Chun regional schools offer the perfect location for all martial art students from beginners to advanced.

There are many classes for all levels and you will neither be pushed too hard nor held back by content interruption form beginners. This has been the policy of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. since its inception in 1985.

It is the UKWCKFA policy to try to have separate classes for students of different levels.

Advanced students can train in the lower level classes and are willing and able to assist those with less experience.   The less experienced students do not train in advanced level classes.

This simple and effective policy ensures that we always get progression, with Advanced students able to assist those with less experience, but not being held back.  They stilll feel valued.

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Master Abid Mahmood is taking in new students ant the Midlands HQ in Birmingham during April 2017.

Wing Chun Beginners Class Birmingham

Wing Chun Beginners Class Birmingham Master Abid Mahmood will be taking on new Wing Chun Beginners in the Birmingham HQ.…


Please take the time to like these clips. It takes a moment and is an acknowledgment of the effort we make to share them with you.-----------------------------------------After a few months discussing the Cham Kiu, James Sinclair has now moved on to presenting the #wingchun Hand Combinations.As always, you are only viewing a tiny extract from many hours of online content. Whilst we hope you both enjoy, and possibly learn something, it is easy to take these short clips out of context.As these are just tiny extracts from a far deeper discussion, we will not enter into any commentary. Please save your qestions for the live sessions, or for your teacher in face to face classes.You are all welcome to make inquiries to join our online sessions and have access to the full recording of each session you attend. Just send an email to info@ukwingchun.com for more information.We now have over 300 (30+ minute) presentations on many and varied aspects of the Art.UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. HQUnit 7, The PlanksLubards LodgeHullbridge RoadRayleighEssex SS6 9QGTel: +44 7860 276923Email: info@ukwingchun.comMAIN SITE: www.ukwingchun.comNATIONAL HQ: www.rayleighwingchun.co.ukLONDON HQ: www.londonwinghchun.co.ukEAST LONDON: www.eastlondonwingchun.comSOUTH LONDON southlondonwingchun.comMIDLANDS: www.midlandswingchun.co.ukBEDFORD: www.bedfordwingchun.co.ukCAMBS: www.cambridgeshirewingchun.co.ukCITY: www.citywingchun.comESSEX: www.wingchunessex.co.ukKENT: www.kentwingchun.netNORFOLK: www.norfolkwingchun.ukSCOTLAND: www.wingchunscotland.netNOT SO SOCIAL!!Twitter: @UKWCKFAFacebook: UKWCKFAGoogle+ +UKWCKFAYouTube UKWCKFA#wingchun #vingtsun, #martialarts #kungfu #ukwckfa #jamessinclair #mindfulness #china #chinese #stneots #norwich #rayleigh #bedford #grays #leicester #health #peaceofmind #keepcalm #selfdefence #spirit #freedom #expressyourself #lifetimeofactivity ... See MoreSee Less
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Please take the time to like these clips. It takes a moment and is an acknowledgment of the effort we make to share them with you.-----------------------------------------In August 1990 Brian 'Bobby' Beach and Kevin Oldman travelled from their hometown of Lowestoft in Suffolk to a a small town in Kent (Northfleet) to demonstrate their skills at the opening of a branch.Kevn and Bobby had only been training for about a year and a half at the time of this recording, but they were well on their way to becoming two of James Sinclair's most talented and hard working studentsSadly in February 2013 Sifu Bobby Beach passed away. We post this to inspire students new to the 'Art', and as a legacy to the memory of a much loved student, man and father. Read the wonderful comments and Eulogy on www.norfolkwingchun.uk/trainers/bobby-beach/For those of you who met Bobby and Kevin.... Enjoy. ... See MoreSee Less
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Please take the time to like these clips. It takes a moment and is an acknowledgment of the effort we make to share them with you.-----------------------------------------As you may notice we are not posting as much as previously. We are busy producing high quality material for our online subscribers and now teaching live classes too....If you enjoy our clips, yes even these silly fun edits, please like them. If you are new to following us, make some time and have a good look through our page, there is a lot to be discovered! You are welome to make suggestions for topics you would like us to discuss (briefly)....----------------------------------------------- It is often stated that #wingchun does not have much in the way of leg skills. It may be more accurate to state that many teachers do not focus on this area.The 'Art' is full of skills from footwork, to Chi Gerk to sparring and self defence applications. In this short fun clip we show some of the many leg skills that the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. focuses upon. Of couse the images are posed and 'stylised' to make a more acceptable presentation. But these are techniques that can work when applied in the right way with solid hard training. Most Wing Chun leg skills are delivered from within Chi Sau or what others may term as close to clinch. This is where the range is correct for low kicking, sweeps and knee strikes. It also aids in applying the statement that the legs become the third arm of Chi Sau.Our online training covers leg skills in great detail. We discussed the tactical footwork from the Cham Kiu form and the kicks only last Saturday! These ½ hour presentation videos are extremely detailed with 4 camera angles and offerered by a teacher with approaching 50 years experience in the Art.#wingchun #vingtsun, #martialarts #kungfu #ukwckfa #jamessinclair #mindfulness #china #chinese #stneots #norwich #rayleigh #bedford #grays #leicester #health #peaceofmind #keepcalm #selfdefence #spirit #freedom #expressyourself #lifetimeofactivity ... See MoreSee Less
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