Zubbiar Khan

Zubbiar Khan Sifu

  • Wing Chun – 18 years + experience (senior student of Sifu Abid)
  • Teaches Body Conditioning & Fight Fit Aerobics
  • Children’s & Adults Classes
  • Boxercise and Padwork Drills
  • Real Life Scenarios (Multiple Assailants)
  • Strength & Conditioning Classes


Sifu Zubbair Khan started training in martial arts at young age when he was taught classical indian wrestling and Shotokan Karate. In 1986 Sifu Zubbiar continued his grappling/wrestling martial arts when he studied Small Circle Ju-Jitsu under Instructor TC Singh. Sifu Zubbiar really enjoyed these grappling based arts, however wanted to learn a more practical and more importantly a stand up martial art.

In 1990 Sifu Zubbiar studied Akido where his passion for mastering a practical martial art started. It was also in 1990, where Sifu Zubbiar was introduced to Sifu Abid Mahmood, and it was at this meeting where Sifu Zubbiar’s love for Wing Chun truly started. In 1997 to supplement his Wing Chun training Sifu Zubbiar studied with World Champion Thai Boxer Eval Denton. However his passion and base for all his martial arts experience will always lie with Wing Chun.

Sifu Zubbiar has now gone on to become a great teacher and has developed his own unique style and method of teaching, from his experiences of learning and teaching with his Sifu’s. He openly acknowledges the influence Sifu Abid has had on his martial arts journey thus far and would happily say that he owes a great deal of his love for Wing Chun to Sifu Abid.

Sifu Zubbair is a true martial artist. He sets very high standards for himself and expects the same dedication and hard work from all of his students. Known in the association for his skills & dexterity with the weapon elements of the Wing Chun Art, namely the pole and butterfly knives. His ethos has made Sifu Zubbair one of the most respected teachers in the association. He has dedicated many hours to Wing Chun and has trained hard to complete the third level grading.

  • 2009 – Member of the World Wing Chun Union
  • 2006 – Life Member of the prestigious Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong
  • 1990 – Current – UKWCKFA (Senior Student of Sifu Abid under Master James Sinclair)
  • 1990 – Current – Wing Chun 19 Years + Experience
  • 1986 – 1990 – Background in various martial arts (wrestling, jujitsu, thai boxing)
  • Kali / Silat / Eskrima – weapon based arts
  • Groundwork