Code of Conduct

School Rules


– Arrive on time for class.
– Before entering or leaving the class a traditional sign of respect must be shown to ones Sifu (right hand fist, left hand open). Do NOT bow.
– Always respect and obey ones Sifu (Teacher).
– Help keep your place of training clean and tidy.
– Refrain from using profanities. Do not use loud or loose talk.
– Never criticise students of other arts, styles or schools.
– Your training and expertise in Wing Chun is only to be used in SELF-DEFENSE.
– No techniques are to be shown or discussed with non-members of the ‘Association’.
– Tuition fee are due on the FIRST lesson of every month. If you have trouble and cannot pay the fees on time please discuss with your Sifu.
– Your annual membership and licence must be kept up to date. Please renew on or before expiry.
– You must wear full uniform during all classes, seminars and gradings.
– You must bring your membership/record book to all events.
– Do not smoke, chew gum or wear jewellery in class.
– When leaving the kwoon please be respectful of others by leaving quietly.
– The Sifu is present to teach and answer questions. However, do not bother them with trivia. If you have doubts ask an assistant instructor or senior student first.
– Maintain your self respect and that of the Midlands Wing Chun by conducting yourself with honour to everyone inside and outside of the the school.
– Be a positive role model and lead by example (especially to the younger members of the club).

Enjoy your training.