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Nottingham Wing Chun

Wing Chun Master Abid Mahmood in Hong Kong 2011. Hong Kong
11th December 2015

Nottingham Wing Chun

Nottingham Wing Chun

Nottingham Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial arts classes for beginners.  As part of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. this brand new class is a fantastic opportunity to start your journey in the Art of Wing Chun Kuen.

The classes are operated by Master Abid Mahmood who is the Chief instructor at The Midlands Wing Chun School in Birmingham. The Nottingham Wing Chun School offers classes to students of all abilities, but remains perfect for those wth little or no knowledge of the style.

Master Abid will guide you through the UKWCKFA syllabus ensuring that your progress is continually kept on the right path.

Please note that this class is not open to any person under 12years of age.

The Nottingham Wing Chun Class is located at:

The Green Academy

Queensberry St


Nottingham NG6 0DG

Thursdays  8:30pm.

Email sifu@midlandswingchun.com for more details.


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