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Luk Dim Boon Kwan

Wing Chun Pole Training
30th June 2017

Wing Chun Pole Training MasterClass

Wing Chun Pole Training

On Sunday June 25th 2017 James Sinclair held a Wing Chun Pole Training  MasterClass.

The Luk Dim Book Kwan is the Long Pole and a superb training tool for developing strength and power.  The pole form is by far the simplest to learn as it is only a short sequence of movements.  However, the Pole is one of the hardest to master as the wilding of such a long weapons exaggerates any mistakes.

Master James Sinclair has been training in Wing Chun Kung Fu for 40 years and still demonstrates a real passion for the Art.  He has produced many the leading practitioners of the style and continues to inspire a new generation of Wing Chun fans.

The Wing Chun Pole Training masterclass is only held once a year is is very restricted on number at attendees.  This gives a great opportunity to gain a personal insight into this aspect of the Wing Chun Kung Fu approach.

As Master Sinclair has met with so many masters and shared experiences he will always give a more expanded view of the system often taking the time to talk about and demonstrate the approach taken by other lineages.

To book for the 2018 seminar call today

07860 276923  or simply email the UKWCKFA at info@ukwingchun.com


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