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Wing Chun Video

The UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. has a number of tutorial DVD's.. These video have been of help to many Wing Chun students and teachers of the years. James Sinclair first brough out Wing Chun Pure & Simple in 1999. This went on to become on of the most popular teaching video's available. Later James brought out the Wing Chun Video Wallbag Training in which he covers all aspect of striking development and hand preparation. The Wing Chun Wallbag training video was released in 2001 and is till bought by teachers of the Art all over the world. In fact Martial Art Illustrated and Wing Chun Archive have both recommended purchasing the DV regardless of whether or not you even train in Wing Chun! Recently the UK Wing Chun Assoc. has gone through he 21st Anniversary and 25th Anniversary celebrations with a large free to attend event which consisted of demonstrations and teaching seminars. There are two DVD's available which are great to add to your collection and very good value too.