UK Wing Chun Assoc. Affiliate

Leicester Wing Chun

James Sinclar is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. he founded the group on 17th October 1985 and the it has grown form strength to strength. It still produces the leading Wing Chun teachers and practitioners.

Leicester Wing Chun

The new Leicester Wing Chun branch operated by the prestigious UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.

Master James Sinclair has over 45 years experience in martial arts and has his own full time school based in Rayleigh Essex.

The Leicester Wing Chun students are fortunate in having the opportunity to have such a professional and experienced teacher available in their area.

As a new branch recently opened, we welcome new students and enquiries.

Unlike most schools we take students on in groups and you will be guided and progress together.  You will not have new beginners joining after 6 weeks and have to keep going over the same material.


Leicester Wing Chun Kung Fu Martial arts classes for beginners.

Humberstone Hall,

55 Humberstone Road,


Leicester LE5 1FS

Monday Evenings from 7:45pm.

Email for more details.