Khalid Ahmed

Khalid Ahmed

Wing Chun Halesowen Wolverhampton is run by Khalid Ahmed who is the Black Country Wing Chun representative for the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc.  He is a long time student of Master Abid Mahmood and Sifu Zubbiar Khan.  Khalid continues train under the guidance of Master Abid Mahmood at the Midlands Hq and always attends the seminars of Master James Sinclair at the Midlands HQ .

Wing Chun Halesowen Wolverhampton

Khalid Ahmed Wing Chun Halesowen Wolverhampton is one of the most popular individuals in the association and also one of the most well respected. He is known for his remarkable strength but also his unbelievable precision of technique. Khalid prides himself as having the most challenging warm-up regime, in which he applies his many years of kickboxing and Muai Thai knowledge to get his students fitter and stronger.

Khalid is also a knowledge base of Wing Chun information, and is always at hand to correct any mistakes and give advice of training methods. He is immensely talented and hard working and is always striving to better himself as a martial artist.

Khalid is a powerful and imposing character, however, he is the most popular Children’s teacher in the region and gets the students respect and they progress well with good self confidence and martial art ability.

  • 2001 – Current
  • 2007 – current (Children’s & adults classes in Blackheath)
  • 2001 – current Wing Chun – 8 years + experience (senior student of Sifu Abid)
  • 1988 – 2001 – Kick Boxing/ Muai Thai Full Contact
  • 1988 – 2001 – Shotokan Karate (Black Belt) ECKA – (English Contact Karate Assoc)
  • Experienced Doorman
  • Groundwork
  • Children’s & Adults
  • Strength and Conditioning Training Classes