‘attention gabbing’ quality

UK Wing Chun Assoc. Seminar – 30th September 2006

First and foremost many congratulations to all those involved in organising this fantastic event.

The format and content was motivating as well as informative. I truly believe that the demos provided the event with that ‘attention gabbing’ quality, which other events lack. Furthermore, a heartfelt Thanks to the three Sifu’s in their efforts and continued enthusiasm in delivering their respective tutorials to the very large (and sometimes impatient audiences).

A special mention to Sifu Abid Mahmood, his ‘Against the Wall’ tutorial was brilliant and at times dazzling. His two against one exercise was justifiably the showpiece of the whole event.

Thanks again for giving me this opportunity to attend this excellent event, for me on a personal level this event has given me an appreciation of the quality of teaching and students we have in our Association, the apolitical nature of our Association and has given me a whole new set of role models, whom I can aspire to be like.

Thank You.

Best Regards
Imran (Birmingham Branch)

There’s a positive atmosphere and energy in the building which feels great

My older cousins who shared a fascination for Kung fu movies, as did my uncle who practiced Kung fu, meant that I was exposed to martial arts from a very young age.
My uncle currently resides in America studying qi gong, and now that I’m older, we hold interesting conversations about our knowledge and experiences of martial arts.

In the past, Ive tried other styles such as saikido, karate and Muay Thai boxing. I didn’t dedicate myself to any of these styles long enough to be proficient for various reasons including lifestyle and other commitments. It was after an incident where I was outnumbered and attacked that a friend of mine first introduced me to wing chun years ago. I said to myself that I would not allow myself to be made to feel the way I felt during and after that incident again. I attended a few sessions on and off and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. I moved out of Birmingham and was unable to attend alternative classes. When I did move back to Birmingham, for quite some time I promised myself to start classes again and attend regularly.

In January, I returned to the Midlands headquarters where I first began my journey under the guidance of the head instructor Sifu abid Mahmood. This branch is conveniently located within the jewelry quarter which is in Hockley Birmingham and I find it easily accessible. There’s a positive atmosphere and energy in the building which feels great. The Sifu and other pupils are friendly, work well as a team, are supportive and there are no egos, all of which which I feel are beneficial towards our progress and development. I whole heartedly recommend the high quality training available here at this Hockley branch to anyone willing to learn, regardless of their level or previous experience. There are so many benefits that I have gained since practicing this art, which others who make the decision to learn can and will gain too. My confidence, physical fitness, strength, and general sense of wellbeing have grown significantly.

For me wing chun is a lifestyle, the discipline is appealing, and the cognitive process that takes place during and straight after training is exciting Maintaining a consistent level of attendance whilst fitting classes into my busy schedule has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I want to continue training and discover what new paths lay ahead and where they may lead. I’m very optimistic and enthusiastic about developing a reputable level of competence and skill in wing chun.

Christopher Foster

Grown in Confidence

“I have been training with Sifu Abid from the Midlands Wing Chun Association for the past few years, and cannot recommend him highly enough. Sifu Abid’s classes are always disciplined, energetic and inspirational. Through the course of my training, I have grown in confidence in my own abilities and application of Wing Chun. His training has helped me to improve coordination, stamina, body strength, dexterity and endurance. Sifu Abid is very experienced and has the innate ability to tailor his lessons to people of all ages and backgrounds. This has been especially evident with my children (son aged 6yrs and daughter aged 8yrs), who regularly attend the children’s sessions. They engage in the lessons with great energy and enthusiasm, supported by Sifu Abid’s guidance and encouragement. Training with Sifu Abid has enabled us to appreciate the amazing depth and diversity of the Wing Chun Kung Fu martial art.”

Kashif Amin
Graphic Designer

Ability & Experience

Having practiced Karate at a young age, I was familiar with punching and kicking with flexibility, discipline and order.

Later on in 2009 me and my friend Arif were introduced to Wing Chun.

After attending an introductory course with Sifu Shaun Rawcliffe, we were impressed by its uniqueness and explosiveness. We practiced the basics together that we had learnt until 2014. During this time (2009 – 2014) I would research with interest into the art of Wing Chun. The more I researched the more interested I became.

Due to work commitments I never had the chance to dedicate my time to Wing Chun. I would read books and watch videos and try and train through these methods instead. My friend Arif had the opportunity to learn some Wing Chun in Warrington. We would meet on weekends and practice and improve what we knew.

Now that we are fortunate and have met Sifu Abid, we have had the opportunity to learn so much from Sifu’s teaching experience. Learning from someone very patient and skilled like Sifu has really progressed our Wing Chun in a couple months.
It is wonderful to see him demonstrate his knowledge every lesson and see how Wing Chun uses science and bio-mechanics instead of physical brute strength. Training under a well accomplished Sifu who is humble has really given me a far better understanding and grasp of the concept of Wing Chun.

It is Sifu Abid’s teaching ability and experience that makes him an ideal teacher.

I would definitely recommend Sifu Abid to anyone who wants to learn Wing Chun.

Thank you Sifu Abid.

Imran Mukerdam

very skilled and confident

Freestyle Kickboxing: 3+ yrs experience

Self defence / mixture of Chinese & Japanese arts: 2+ yrs experience

Having trained in martial arts since my teen years I really enjoyed the kicking elements of the arts. After practicing kickboxing for 3 years I felt I needed an art that was tailored for self defence.

In 2009 I was introduced to Wing Chun. I knew Bruce Lee had studied this art and I knew this had fast hands.

I attended an introductory course with my friend Imran at sifu Shawn Rawcliffe’s school. I was impressed with the art for being unique, fast and a counter attacking style. Being a close quarter range martial arts system I had decided to pursue a journey in Wing Chun.

Myself and Imran had practiced the basics together over the years.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I had to relocate for work in Warrington. There I met and trained under Sifu Jay Hussein (Ching Mo Wing Chun school) for a few months gaining a good insight to wing chun.

The systems simple and direct approach have left me fascinated. I really enjoy training the sensitivity drills and applications of trapping and locking

After moving back home to Leicester the most interesting part of my journey commenced. I was fortunate to get in contact with Sifu Abid and join his school. Training under him I have found that he teaches wing chun with a very practical approach to modern day fighting / self defence and he explains why certain techniques work in a certain manner.

He is by far one of the most humble and most patient instructors I have come across. Sifu’s teaching has always been demonstrated effectively.

His multiple assailants drill has been a brilliant blood pumping exercise that simulates a real life scenario.

It has been a great privilege to learn from Sifu as he is very skilled and confident in what he teaches. Under his guidance I have seen an improvement in my technique and ability.

Helping students in the class has been a rewarding experience especially when students progress in their ability and understanding of applications.

My desire is to gain an in depth understanding to the principals and theories of wing chun and be able to share that knowledge with other students.

I look forward to learning and helping new students in the future.

Most importantly I would like to thank sifu for teaching us with so much dedication.

traditional Wing Chun theory and its practical application

I have been training with the Midland Wing Chun Association in Birmingham for a number of years now.

I had attended a few different clubs before , both in the Midlands and in other cities, but I found a big gap between traditional Wing Chun theory and its practical application in the real world.

With the Midland Wing Chun Association, Under Sifu Abid, I found the right balance between traditional Wing Chun and how it can be adapted and used for fighting today.

Furthermore I would like to list a few other reasons i think that this organisation stands out.

  • We have the opportunity to train and develop with and without boxing gloves.
  • There is an emphasis on fitness , self control and engaging ones brain when training with this very logical and efficient fighting system.
  • The other reason I like training under Sifu Abid , is that you feel you can ask questions , and solutions will be explained and demonstrated to you until you have grasped what is required, no matter what that takes.
  • The training environment is safe and so conducive to learning.
  • The love of this fighting art resonates through the instructors themselves, which benefits the classes at both beginner and the more advanced levels.

Finally i like the fact that both instructors and fellow students realize that knowledge and learning is an endless process and that we learn from each other no matter what level you are at ; this creates a very supportive club environment.
This is a Wing Chun organisation i feel you definitely need to check out for yourself.[ Lee John peace].