MasterClass training with James Sinclair

Sparring Master Class

James Sinclair, Wing Chun Kung Fu teacher
1st April 2015

Wing Chun Sparring

On Sunday 20th September 2015 Master Sinclair will be teaching the drills, skills, thrills and sparring methodolgy that helped him use Wing Chun very effectively over the last 4 decades, and helped him develop some of the most talented Wing Chun students today.

As a system for self defence Wing Chun is world class. Made famous in gang fights on the rooftops of Hong Kong it is also a dynamic fighting system. What people find hard is translating the theories, training methodologies such as empty hand forms, wooden dummy and sticky hands into Western Sport based ‘Sparring Practice’.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a style with an idiosyncratic approach. The problem with such a unique style is that some even some of the most recognised martial artists in the world, such as Dan Inosanto senior student, Guru Rick Young, state that even after many years experience in Wing Chun that they love the training but simply don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to sparring.

Some Wing Chun schools simply do not spar and feel that it is unhelpful to real self defence. The UK Wing Chun Assoc. teachers and students could not disagree more. If you have any questions relating the the efficacy of modern training and the approach of James Sinclair, then this Sparring Seminar will place you in no doubt about how you should approach your training.

Quite some time past a former student of the UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc, Kamon’s Founder and Chief Instructor Kevin Chan, made the perfect statement that encapsulates James Sinclair’s thoughts too. He stated that Wing Chun is the only art he has trained where you can strike a person and still be told you were wrong! May we add for clarity his thoughts were based in his experiences after he had left the UKWCKFA….

In Hong kong in 2005 the greatest compliment given to James Sinclair by many of the Masters gathered for the 2d World Conference was that they felt James was the only person they had seen to be able to ‘Bridge The Gap’ and make the link between Forms and Fighting.

To enable Wing Chun Sparring it important to realise that you will need to develop an ability to work with the longer guard at times and it should look very, very skilful and beautiful when two practitioners of the same school meet. However, there should be considerable ability to deal with all other Arts and, therefore, a focus on developing the ‘Attributes’ and core skills that ALL martial artists should have.

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If you wish to take your skills to a higher level them call to confirm your place on 07860 276923 NOW!

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Please take the time to like these clips. It takes a moment and is an acknowledgment of the effort we make to share them with you.-----------------------------------------We do what we do, you continue to enjoy what you do, everyone is happy.These videos simply give an idea of the UKWCKFA approach to basic skills within the #wingchun Art. We are now busy with our regular classes, and online sessions, and finding less time to post to facebook. There is a considerable amount of material already available on here and the Rayleigh page. also have over 300 full 30 minute to 1 hour videos within our online library. This is where the real gems are are to be found to aid a Wing Chun student in their training. If you would like to experience James' teaching live then join us on our regular Zoom broadcasts. We have subscribers from Canada and Australia join us every week, despite the time differences!!They also love the access to the edited recordings, often containing supplementary material. However, they attend the live sessions to ask questions and get them answered there and then....Remember, you only ever see a tiny fraction of what is on offer here.SOME OF OUR ZOOM PRESENTATION TESTIMONIALS——————————————————————————I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and training in Wing Chun Kung Fu (on and off) with Master James Sinclair for the best part of 30 years. In that time as a Performance Specialist, I have been fortunate to work with 18 first round NFL draft picks, the world's fastest man at the time (100 metres), a Premier League and two Division One football teams, and more recently Adam Gemili, the only British sprinter to run sub 10 seconds and sub 20 seconds for the 100 and 200 metres.In my considered opinion, Sifu James Sinclair is not only one of the finest athletes I have ever seen, he is also a world class Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor. If you want to learn from the very best, then look no further than Master James Sinclair.Dr. Nick Bourne ——————————————————————————————————Thank you Sifu for another brilliant lesson lots to train there for me on my dummy! Thank you again!Mark (Maidstone)——————————————————————————————————Master Sinclairs online training is fantastic. Initially I was slightly sceptical about virtual lessons and their value however I soon realised I was mistaken. It is evident that time and effort is placed in preparation of content and Master Sinclairs years of experience and Mastery of the art is what makes them invaluable. I have learnt there is plenty to gain as an important element of training is understanding the movements you are learning and how to apply them correctly which can only be gained under the tutelage of someone with the relevant knowledge. Irrespective of what stage you are in your training there is something to gain. I would highly recommend giving the online lessons a go and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.Vishal (Leicester)——————————————————————————————————Thank you Sifu. Another great session. Really enjoyed it.Zubbiar (Glasgow)——————————————————————————————————Thank you sifu, these sessions are great.Nick (London)——————————————————————————————————Thank you for the Dummy insights Sifu. Great session.Mark (Chelmsford)——————————————————————————————————Great tips again, thank you.Roy (Ingatestone)——————————————————————————————————Thank you Sifu, another great session.Alec (Bedford)——————————————————————————————————Thanks Sifu very informative againSteve (Welling)——————————————————————————————————Thank you Sifu for another interesting webinar. I just wanted to say that when you described the turning side to side as “a transition through the centre” that made complete sense and allowed me to visualise the movement in a different manner. I’d not heard it been described that way in all these years. Arturo (Spain)——————————————————————————————————…these online sessions, I'm finding them very informative and they are giving me a new lease of life by adding rocket fuel to my Wing Chun knowledge base.Mark (Canada)—————————————————————————————————— great engagement with the materialBarry (Stevenage)——————————————————————————————————Thank you sifu fantastic 👍🏻 it’s great that we have this opportunity to still get some well informed contact, love itChris (Milton Keynes)——————————————————————————————————loving these live online classes, to me it doesn’t feel far off a 1-2-1 so thank you.Kevin (Bedford)——————————————————————————————————Really enjoyed the session, would like to join in tomorrow’s session as well if possible?James (Rayleigh)——————————————————————————————————“I have really been enjoying the UKWCKFA online training seminars provided by Sifu James Sinclair. Due to the lockdown period resulting in very limited opportunities to train with my fellow students, these have been invaluable in allowing me to continue to gain further insight into the art, receive training tips and pointers to work on during personal training at home and also to have to opportunity to maintain contact and discussion with my kung fu brothers and sisters. The material is delivered by Sifu James In a detailed but concise manner and always provides some great information to take away and work on. Having been a student of Sifu James for a number of years I still always seem to come away with something new and helpful from every lesson. Also having the opportunity to ask questions and have open discussion at the end of every session is great. I would heartily recommend the online seminars for all Wing Chun practitioners who are interested in developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art they love, you won’t come away disappointed. Russell Webster – UKWCKFA student”——————————————————————————————————Thank you Sifu James my brain has gone into overdrive!Salim (Southend)--------------------------------Thank you Sifu. Great explanation in the details.Anthony (Rayleigh)--------------------------------Lots of good content and ideas Sifu. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏾Nick (London)--------------------------------Thank you sifu. Was nice to ignite my wing chun brain once again. 👍James (Rayleigh)--------------------------------Lots of good content and ideas Sifu. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏾Rabah (London)--------------------------------Thank you Sifu.These online sessions really are a benefit & after each session I leave with a deeper understanding.Looking forward to tomorrow.Kevin (Bedford)--------------------------------Thank you Sifu 🙏🏻 super inspiring . Looking forward to tomorrow!Olivia (Bedford)--------------------------------"I guess this is challenging time for all martial artists.At the UKWCKFA, Sifu has found an alternative way of delivering very high quality online teaching sessions. Each session is focused on a specific topic. So far, the sessions have been covering sections of the first two forms, Siu Nim Tao and Cham Kiu. Sifu is using two cameras showing the techniques from different angles. He has been providing quite detailed explanations of the techniques and their applications as well as variation of the techniques. Sifu is a great teacher with deep knowledge and a lot of experience. The way he presents the material is very logical and consistent. What I find particularly helpful is the relatively slow pace and the attention to detail. He goes not only through the sequence but spends a lot of time on footwork, maintaining balance, generating power and other crucial points that often get overlooked. Students can also ask questions. Overall, it has been great experience. I can highly recommend it to any serious Wing Chun student/practitioner."Emil (Bedford)———————————————————————————Sifu James Sinclair has been my Instructor for 25 years and so I am used to the in-depth knowledge and expert teaching he shares. Even so, I am picking up on the finer details of our wonderful Art with these fantastic online sessions. You too now have the opportunity to learn from a true Master of the Art and take your Wing Chun to places you thought were impossible for you to reach. You will need to put the work in and if you do rewards will follow.I highly recommend these online sessions to all Wing Chun students no matter what your current level of experience. If you truly want to improve your understanding and knowledge of what others will call, 'The secrets', then sign up. You won't regret it.Mark (Chelmsford)—————————————————————————With the sheer frustration of face-to-face physical Wing Chun training on hold, what a reprieve in this current lockdown period to be able to find such huge value in these Zoom seminar sessions run by Master James Sinclair.I have been training for many years, but continue to be amazed by the depth of knowledge of Master Sinclair which in turn ensures I am continually learning. A recent Zoom session on a Wing Chun form, and in just two short sections of that form, I had picked up so many gems and lightbulb moments that I knew would give me plenty to work on. And this has been replicated across other Zoom sessions. Master Sinclair teases out the often hidden applications and details around certain moves and techniques - precise and often minute details that make a big difference in efficiency of technique and overall performance. Details about timing, angles, weight distribution, body mechanics, footwork and movement from one technique to the next, all gained from Master Sinclair's decades of first-hand experience. And that vast knowledge is gratefully soaked up by us humble students. Master Sinclair also offers insight into alternative techniques, or combinations of techniques, that may not be in the traditional form, but that could sensibly and practically be added and applied to certain parts of a form for students to drill and practice and further their understating of the form and its real-world street defence applications. The teaching emphasis is on bringing the forms alive, applying techniques in a realistic and practical way, and ultimately making the forms and techniques our own. And also of course, to have fun and to enjoy the journey in developing our own Wing Chun. I have trained with many top class martial arts instructors, and Master Sinclair is right up there at the top of the list, truly a world class Wing Chun Coach who can talk the talk and walk the walk. I highly recommend his Wing Chun Zoom sessions. And of course, once we get back to the gym, his face to face sessions are in another league.Roy QUK Wing Chun Kung Fu Assoc. HQUnit 7, The PlanksLubards LodgeHullbridge RoadRayleighEssex SS6 9QGTel: +44 7860 276923Email: info@ukwingchun.comMAIN SITE: www.ukwingchun.comNATIONAL HQ: HQ: LONDON: www.eastlondonwingchun.comSOUTH LONDON southlondonwingchun.comMIDLANDS: www.citywingchun.comESSEX: www.kentwingchun.netNORFOLK: www.norfolkwingchun.ukSCOTLAND: www.wingchunscotland.netTwitter: @UKWCKFAFacebook: UKWCKFAGoogle+ +UKWCKFAYouTube UKWCKFA ... See MoreSee Less
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