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Welcome to the 1st  Professional Full Time Centre of the UK Wing Chun Assoc in the Midlands . The UKWCKFA was established in 1985 By  Master James Sinclair and is now one of the largest Wing Chun Kung Fu associations in the UK . With over 50 branches across the UK . Please contact us on:


Midlands Wing Chun School

Head Sifu: Abid Mahmood
Address: 64 Northampton Street,
Hockley Birmingham, West Midlands, B18 6DX

: 0121 236 2050
Mobile: 07967 308 323

Wing Chun Benefits

The Midlands Wing Chun School will help you in:

Your Health

Losing weight 

Learning a Practical Fighting Art

Reducing your stress levels

Learning techniques which will help protect yourself in violent situations

Learn skills to avoid becoming a target at all.


The Midland   Wing   Chun School syllabus will benefit all and is suitable for all ages and abilities with children as young as 5 years of age attending our classes.


Adults - 35/month

Children - 25/month

Paid monthly, this works out to 1.45 / Hour

(Whats more the 1st lesson is free)

Dedicated Students Welcome

Ving Tsun Life Member 

The Midlands Wing Chun school is a lifetime member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong kong

Private Tuition 

     Available on request  

Public Demo's

All enquiries to Imran Khalil  on: 0781 2898846      


For Any queries or suggestions about this site, then please email Imran Khalil 

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For a detailed profile on the Head Instructor of the Midlands Wing Chun HQ - Sifu Abid  Mahmood (pictured below) - Please visit the Sifu's page




Midlands Wing Chun Extras...
By Invitation Only     
Sifu Abid
Acknowledges that some students develop faster than others. He also from his 24 years experience appreciates that most students will require one to one tuition for their development. This is why he has piloted "The By Invitation Only" program. This is to help students  overcome their personal (Wing Chun) obstacles. 

Ground Work
All students are required to
practice their ground fighting skills, in a pragmatic practical way.  All students are required  to have a sound basic knowledge of 'what to do' when the fight goes to the ground.
Knife and Weapons Seminars       

We routinely hold knife and weapon seminars. The purpose of these seminars is to help our students to have the skills and knowledge to adapt and counter any potentially violent situation involving weapons.

Latest News - New classes being run at the Aston University
Contact Sifu Abid for more details